Un-Crating your Dog when you Aren’t Home

Most people have to be out of the house about five days a week, but it can be hard to leave your canine friend behind. Whether you’re about to bring home your first dog, or your old pal has suddenly been causing trouble while you’re away, there are some reliable measures to take. Because you… Read more »

Keep your dog Active Through Winter Months

The fall can be your dog’s favorite time of year; it’s cool enough for them to run and play without overheating. But on the same token, it’s not quite frigid enough for them to freeze. But those colder months are coming and preparing for your dog’s indoor exercise options are monumental.   The colder months… Read more »

How to Enhance Your Dog’s Environment

You can’t always be home to keep your dog company, and even when you are you may sometimes be busy with something that keeps you from playing with him or her. That’s why it is important to set up your home in a way that it provides both an active and relaxing environment. Your dog… Read more »

Signs Your Dog May be Sick

The last thing any pet owner wants to find out is that their beloved animal is sick, but it is an unfortunate reality that many of us will have to face at some point. Fortunately, most illnesses that afflict dogs can be remedied if they are caught early on, which is why we’re here to… Read more »

Stuff you Probably Didn’t Know about Dogs

With an estimated 400 million canine breeds across the globe, dogs are historically man’s best friend. Even cat people can’t deny canines have been instrumental to the development of civilization and still contribute to contemporary society. Serving in every capacity from sled dogs to first responders, they have helped mankind insurmountably. But there are a… Read more »

Reasons why Labs are the best pets

There are so many different animals that you can choose to have as a pet. Some people like having dogs. However, if you’re a dog person, there are several reasons why choosing a Labrador would be the best decision you’ve ever made.     Firstly, they’re extremely smart dogs and might be the easiest to… Read more »

Training your Lab to Hunt

A lot of times people who go out and hunt any type of game will enjoy doing so on their own. Nothing better than being out in the wilderness on your own, listening to the calming sounds of nature while trying to bag a deer for dinner. However, there are some hunters who enjoy doing… Read more »

Is a Lab the Right Choice for you?

You may already know Labrador Retrievers are perfect hunting companions, especially when trained to point. A great assistant for when you’re out in the field, a pointing Lab helps you land more fowl, which you don’t have to retrieve all by yourself. But there is so much more to having a Retriever as a pet… Read more »

Indoor Exercise for Dogs in the Colder Months

By nature dogs love to walk and run and play without boundaries of limits. This is why spring, summer and fall can be a pup’s favorite time of year. They get to see new things, hear new sounds and get out all of their seemingly endless energy. But come winter, they are confined inside for… Read more »