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Lankas Labs
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 by Bill Melchior

Hi I got a ivory lab from you sepember of 2017 she was sired by max . Just proud to let you know (Remington) is 9 months now and is already quite the hunter!! She is great in the water and super in the upland fields she has an uncanny talent for finding the birds and retrieving them to hand ! I am very excited to have such a great bird dog and can’t wait to see how she matures in the future! She is already pushing 70 lbs and solid and healthy , and a big part of the whole family . Just wanted to thank you for breeding such a superior dog and family member .

 by george pesce

I purchased a puppy ten years ago from lank as labs it was a black lab I named it Charlie it was the best dog .this dog never got sick until the end , this dog played with newborns .then wen I turned him loose he was some bird dog one of the best we scene , they are the best in town

 by Mark Simms

Here is a picture of your dog I got off you. Not many birds where we live so we have been going to a game preserve in Missouri. Bo is a retrieving fool of the 30 birds we got that day he brought back 25 of them. Pointed about 20 of them and put that old shorthair to shame. Thought you might like to hear an update on him.
Mark Simms

 by Paul Smith

Dear Mike,
I got a pup from your “Simba and Anne” liter back in May of 2009. I was wanting to let you know that “Bear” is one of the smartest dogs that I have ever seen. He is just now a little over 10 months old and weighs 74 lbs. I have never seen a dog as smart as Bear. I am not an expert trainer but Bear makes it easy because he picks up on things so fast. I trained him on the whistle at about 6 months of age. I took him on his first goose hunt about a month ago and he did amazing. Since than I have only been able to take him about 2 to 3 times a week because I am in college and have a part time job. He has brought back every bird I have sent him on, blind retrieves and all.
In the photo I sent you we had a pretty good hunt and killed 17 geese. My buddy had his dog and I had Bear, and Bear retrieved 13 out of the 17 geese. I was just wanting to let you know that I am glad I got a dog from you and am pleased on how good a dog Bear his. Hope to keep in touch.
Thanks, Paul Smith

 by Robin

Hi Mike,

I hope you had a terrific hunting season. I’ve got a question for you about Claire, who is out of Rebel and Lady. She’s 8 months old and coming along great. She goes nuts over retrieving and is showing a very stylish tripod point. I’m now at the point where I want to extend her point. I picked up a book by Julie Knutson on training pointing labs, mostly because it was the only book I could find on the subject. She advocates whoa breaking dogs with a verbal whoa and not using check cords in the field. I’ve also taken Claire out for a couple morning training sessions with a local pointer trainer named Steve Chang, who uses the “silent method” of whoa breaking, using a check cord to enforce the point rather than giving a verbal “whoa.” The Knutson book strongly discourages using check cords in the field. Some of the pointing lab forums have some pretty good debates on which method works best. I would normally follow the Knutson book method over the advice of a guy who mostly trains english pointers and brittanies, but then I watched Steve turn Claire’s sometimes good, sometimes inconsistent pointing into a very stylish, very long tripod point. I’m talking 2 minutes of being locked on point like a Greek statue – pretty impressive. As the person most familiar with Claire’s bloodlines, do you have any opinion as to which method works best?


 by Paul Bramschreiber


fred is fantastic (10wks old) house broke and doing well with his training, he has been working with live quail and that seems to b the trick. also he is 18# again thank you for such a great pup
Paul Bramschreiber

 by Rich

Mike, Rich Wilkens here. Just wanted to update you on the pup that we got back in June out of Maggie (Casey’s sister) and Rebel. We originally were going to name her Millie but then settled on Miller. All I can say is that she is fantastic. She is now 50 lbs of go-go at 7-1/2 months when she is in the field. The first time I had her over live pheasant was on a preserve at 6-1/2 months. We put out 12 birds. She turned and locked up on 5 or 6 and broke in on 3 or 4, and these birds we sitting tight. It was a great first time out for her. She has a great nose and the best work ethic….she will not quit and will not range too far. As a house dog she’s great. She has not eaten a single thing that does not belong to her and was housebroken by 12 weeks or so. My wife is in love with her and is so happy that I talked her into this dog instead of the golden retriever that she thought she wanted. I’ll get some pictures to you when I get a chance. Once again…thanks for a great dog. Rich

 by Chris Harris

My name is Chris Harris and I purchased a dog from you from your litter 2 years ago (March 15th 2008 11 females in litter). I live in Utah and have been very impressed with the quality of my dog. I have not had her “fixed” yet but was planning on doing so quickly, but I would like to breed her once before I do. I wanted to make sure I was okay to do so. I cannot remember what the agreement was with your kennel on breeding dogs and would of course would want to follow your guidelines and standards before I do so. If I’m allowed to breed her I would love to keep the pointing lines and high quality blood continued in her litter, since I live in Salt Lake and would prefer to keep her close do you have any suggestions? Thanks for your time and thanks for such an awesome dog! we love her to death and has been great to hunt with


Chris Harris

 by Ryan Hilty

thought I would give you an update on Simba. She is 11 weeks old and she is doing great. What an awesome addition to the family and best of the wife likes her. She is retrieving a bumper to hand and she will do it several times in a 10 minute training session. She already knows the command to sit and currently working on laying down and best of she was potty trained by 10 weeks. When she needs to go she will go to the door and bark letting us know she wants out. I included a picture of her pointing a wing at 10 weeks of age. I will continue to update you on her progress

Ryan Hilty

 by Chelse

Hey Mike.
Wanted to let you know that everything is going great. The puppy is adjusting very well and I’m convinced he is already starting to potty-train! He hasn’t had a single accident in the house or his crate. He is the perfect mix between energetic and lazy. He’ll play for awhile and then go lay down. I always dread the puppy stage but he hasn’t been any problem at all.
Thanks for a great transaction and I’ll keep you posted now and then with pictures.

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