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Skye & Travis
Blacks, Chocolates, Charcoals & Silvers due to be born around July 18th

Luna & Mj
Whites and Ivories due to be born around July 19th

Pointing Labrador Puppies For Sale

If you’re searching for a white lab, fox red lab or other colorbred pointing Labradors for sale in Kansas, Lankas Labs has just what you need! The different colors of Pointing Labs have different benefits aside from personal preference or aesthetics. The white Labs for sale here at Lankas Labs are more similar to the ivory Labradors we carry, but nothing like the silver ones. This is just in the matter of coloring as the personality is not affected by color. While hunters may prefer colors that blend in with the outdoors more, owners looking for companion dogs may feel other colors come off as more friendly.

As a variant of the yellow Labs, the fox red Labs for sale here at Lankas Labs begin their training around five to seven weeks. Aside from their training as waterfowl hunting dogs, all of our Labs are socialized and will also make great companion or family dogs.

More Info About Pointing Labs For Sale

Since all of our Pointing Labs in Kansas are socialized and mildly trained, they basically know how to turn their aggression on and off. They have the knowledge to be very docile animals and if they’re used for hunting or retrieving, can adjust at that moment. We like to raise our Pointing Labs with our family, joining us on road trips sat right next to us in the front seat. To date, we have never had an issue shipping our Pointing Labs from our location here in Kansas either. We also include with your purchase, a vet check by our Veterinarian, health records, 26 month hip guarantee (additional details here), AKC registration application and more.

Training Available for Pointing Labradors

Lankas Labs offers a variety of training for Pointing Labradors including upland, waterfowl and family / companion training. You can also choose a combination of any/all three trainings for your Pointing Labs. We also offer 4 weeks of intensive preseason training for your dog at $500, birds not included. This option is popular with hunters or people seeking a great family focused companion dog. Lankas Labs are always in demand due to their fine breeding stock that each breed is sired from, along with the extensive training they receive at a young age. All of our Labs are fed the highest quality diet and have a reputation for being one of the premiere Pointing Labrador Breeders in Kansas.

Understanding Your Needs as a Pointing Labrador Owner

If you have never owned a Pointing Labrador before, there are things you need to know about your role and a Lab owner. Our family here at Lankas Labs are among the most knowledgeable and dedicated Pointing Labrador Breeders around. All Pointing Labs have their own unique personalities, whether they are black, chocolate, fox red, charcoal, ivory, silver or white. Working together, we can help you identify which Pointing Labs is the best possible fit. While most people select their animals based on color and gender, we would also like you to consider other factors that will influence your selection.

We Breed The Pointing Lab You Desire!

Ask Yourself A Couple Questions:

By asking yourself these and other questions, we can help you to determine which qualities in a Pointing Lab are the most important factors when making this decision.

  • Are you seeking a dog that leans more towards the aggressive side, docile side or is a balanced combination of the two what you are seeking?
  • Would you like your animal to be more social or independent?
  • Will it be primarily used for Upland or Waterfowl Hunting?
  • Lastly, how would you like your Lab to function within your family? Will your Lab also be closely interacting with other family members seeking companionship?

When you are confident with your needs and expectations, give us a call as Lankas Labs will be happy to help you select the most appropriate dog or further guide you in your decision making process.