Charcoal Labrador Retriever Breeder

Lankas Labs is proud to be one of the leading pointing lab breeders in the state of Kansas. Our pointing charcoal lab puppies are highly praised for their attractive color – and are in fact one of our favorites!

Lab pups begin to develop high performance pointing skills as well as social skills at an early age. This means that through early training and conditioning, your new pup can grow up to become a successful gun dog and an affectionate, loving companion. We are a passionate pointing charcoal lab puppy breeder and are one of only a few kennels that offer these charcoal-colored pups. Charcoal is considered to be a diluted black gene variation, but these pups are still part of the black lab line. With a genuine appreciation for the breed and a love of animals, we have raised each of our charcoal puppies for more than 15 years with a focus on delivering healthy, intelligent, skillful and loyal dogs.

Pointing Charcoal Lab Sitting Outside

Pointing Charcoal Labs For Gun Dogs

As a pointing charcoal lab puppy breeder, we carefully select dogs that will exhibit this interesting color, as well as good health, friendly personalities and trainable mentalities. Our puppies for sale are available as early as seven weeks of age. Adopting at this early age allows you to form a bond earlier, forming trust with your dog to help with training and practice. When you work with your puppy starting at seven weeks of age, they will quickly become attached to you and exceptionally loyal, and through your efforts, you will end up with a dog that is both a family-friendly companion and an extraordinary gun dog. We also offer trained adult dogs that have already learned how to be a successful pointer. Our dogs and puppies for sale vary in color and personality, but their athleticism, health, discipline and skill are all second to none.

Gallery of Pointing Charcoal Labs For Hunting