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Champagne Labradors are a fairly new and somewhat rare color variant of the yellow lab. Lankas Labs is one of the only pointing champagne lab puppy breeders in the area producing puppies for sale with this unique coloring.

While displaying an interesting color variation, these dogs are so much more than their coats. Champagne Labrador puppies for sale at Lankas Labs are trained to point from a young age, so they are ready to become exceptional hunters and help you bag a great catch. These puppies are also socialized with other dogs and other humans, so in addition to being successful hunters, they will also be gentle, loving, affectionate family pets.

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About Champagne Colored Labrador Retriever Dogs & Puppies

The champagne color is a distinctive shade, caused by the dilution of the yellow gene. This delivers dogs with a coat colored somewhere between the fox red and the standard yellow fur colors. Some lab owners prefer this shade because they simply like the color, while others like it because it is a relatively rare phenomenon in Labradors. Hunters may prefer this color because it mixes the advantages of the yellow and red lab, creating a unique shade that will blend into many different environments.

If you hunt in the fall with your pointer gundog, you may prefer champagne colored puppies for sale to blend in with dried reeds or the fall foliage. However, color isn’t what makes a dog successful, and our focus on introducing puppies to the foundations of pointer training from an early age helps ensure that your champagne-colored Labrador will be successful with you in the field. As a pointing champagne lab puppy breeder, we take great care to ensure all pups receive age-appropriate socialization, as well, and we put a focus on selecting breeding dogs that offer our pups the best health traits possible.

See the puppies for sale at Lankas Labs online and learn more about what we do as a unique pointing champagne lab puppy breeder. Give us a call at 785-626-9313 today or send us a message to learn more about us or any of our upcoming litters.

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