Odd Eating Habit of Dogs Explained

You probably spent quite a bit of time setting up an area of your home for your dog to eat. You likely have a matching food and water bowl for your pet as well as decorative a mat to prevent your dog from making a big mess. So why then do some dogs take the… Read more »

Safe Summer Treats for Your Pup

One of the best things about the summertime is cold snack options from ice cream to popsicles. Luckily, your dog can also enjoy cols summer snacks. There a variety of cold summer treats that are safe for your dogs to indulge in, plus many of them are healthy and delicious.  Puppy Ice Cream You shouldn’t… Read more »

Exercising Your Lab

Do you have a lazy lab or an overly active one? Have you ever wondered exactly how much exercise they should be getting on a daily basis? Here are a few tips on how to appropriately exercise your lab, without over or under-doing it. The Labrador Site says that as soon as your pup is… Read more »

Protect Your Dog This Spring

Spring is the season for getting outside, whenever it is finally nice enough to do so. With temperatures increasing in spring months, we often find ourselves frequently soaking up sunshine and watching the flowers bloom. Dogs also love warmer weather, and spring is a time where they can spend more time outdoors which many dogs… Read more »

Winter and Your Lab: Cold Weather Care Tips for Your Pup

Now that winter is here, we want to make sure that all dog owners and their precious pooches are prepared for the cold weather. Labradors love snow and spending time outside in the winter, and you should definitely let your pup play outside. However, cold weather can be just as dangerous as overly hot summer… Read more »

Silver Labs: A History of this Distinctive Breed

Silver Labrador retrievers are some of the most gorgeous dogs you will ever see, but they also come with a certain amount of controversy attached to them. What are these issues and have breeders been able to move past them? Let’s look into the history of these magnificent animals. The rise of the Labrador is… Read more »

Labs Stay Top Dog for a Quarter Century

We have some good news for lab-lovers out there: according to the American Kennel Club, the Labrador retriever has once again been named America’s most popular dog! This adorable breed has been rated top dog in the United States for 25 consecutive years, which is longer than any other breed! Generations of pup lovers have… Read more »

Double Duty: Dogs Domesticated Twice in History?

The time in history when dogs became “domesticated” refers to the period when a multi-generational relationship was formed between humans and dogs, in which humans secured a position of dominance and control over dogs, allowing humanity reap the benefits of having dogs as an ally instead of a foe. In layman’s terms, dogs were domesticated… Read more »

Pointing Dogs and Hunting

When hunters take their dogs with them on a hunt, it is in the hopes that their four-legged friend will help them find game. These dogs are typically referred to as pointing dogs, and have been trained to turn their muzzle towards where the game are, the hunter to sneak up or get into position… Read more »