Dog-Walking Etiquette: The Rules of the Sidewalk

For most dogs, going for a walk is the highlight of their day—so many new things to sniff, so much sunshine to enjoy, and a whole crew of exciting new people they might meet! Taking your dog for frequent walks is canine care 101, so it’s important to be familiar with and practice proper dog-walking… Read more »

Do Dogs Understand Us When We Speak?

Man’s best friend may not speak our language, but can he understand it? Does your dog really know that when he plants his butt and sits nicely on the ground when you tell him to “sit,” that he is, in fact, sitting—or does he just remember that if he does that, he gets a treat?… Read more »

Labs as Working Dogs

Over time society has learned that dogs make not only loyal, lovable companions, but also intelligent and hardworking employees! While dogs ultimately want to come home at night to cuddle and play with their favorite humans, they do have excellent traits and instincts that make them incredible members of the working world. In fact, many… Read more »

How Mental Stimulation Benefits Your Dog

It is no secret that physical exercise is important for keeping your dog healthy and happy. Taking your dog for a walk every day helps them fight obesity and allows you to bond with them. Although physical activity is important for your dog, mental stimulation is extremely important to a dog’s overall health as well…. Read more »

Things to Consider When Training Your Furry Friend

Although Labradors are an extremely smart breed with a ton of positive traits to offer, they do require a fair amount of training as all dogs do. Many labs will jump, chew, and scratch, which is typical puppy behavior that can be corrected with proper training. Lankas Labs believes that adding a Labrador into your… Read more »

How Certain Behaviors Can Stress Out Your Dog

Dogs can become stressed out for different reasons: perhaps they fear getting shots at the vet, they meet another dog that rubs them the wrong way, or they are nervous about being left alone. However, did you know that your personal behavior can also be a reason your dog is stressed out? Lankas Labs is… Read more »

What to Consider Before Hiring a Pet-Sitter

Just like with the process of hiring a babysitter, searching for a pet-sitter that will best care for your furry friend takes time and thorough research. By starting your search early and interviewing potential sitters, you will find a pet-sitter your dog adores. Here is what to consider before hiring a pet-sitter. Previous Experience An… Read more »

Understanding Fever Symptoms of Dogs

While seeing 101 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit on a thermometer is considered feverish for most people, this is the normal body temperature range for dogs. When your dog reaches a temperature of more than 103 degrees, they might have a fever. Below Lankas Labs has highlighted common fever symptoms and causes as well as suggestions… Read more »

Understanding Why Some Dogs Lick Their Paws

If your dog spends a lot of time licking their paws, it is usually not cause for concern; however, when the licking becomes obsessive, a trip to the vet or a home remedy might be in order. Lankas Labs has highlighted some common reasons why some dogs lick their paws and how you can help… Read more »