3 Tips to Help Keep Your Dog Calm During Fourth of July Fireworks

dog with American Flag

There are plenty of reasons for your dog to get excited about the Fourth of July—more people around to play with, food scraps dropping off paper plates, a day spent frolicking freely in the backyard. For a lot of dogs, however, there is one thing they would prefer to do without on Independence Day: fireworks.

Some dogs love the excitement of a fireworks show, but unfortunately there are many pups who cower in fear at the loud and sudden noises. If your pooch is the anxious type, check out these tips for keeping them calm and comfortable during the noisy upcoming celebrations.

1) Create a safe space for your dog.

Make sure your pup has a calming environment to retreat to when their firework anxiety starts to kick in. This should be a designated space away from the noise where they can feel comfortable and protected. Set up a room, large closet, or their crate with cozy blankets, their favorite toys, and a few yummy treats to comfort and distract them.

2) Tire your dog out before the fireworks start.

Your dog will be less likely to get anxious later in the night when fireworks start going off if you tucker them out during the day. Go for a long walk, have an extra long play session, and feed them a big meal afterward to cement their exhaustion. Hopefully, they’ll either be too tired to get anxious or sleep through the fireworks entirely!

3) Go the extra mile to comfort them.

There are a lot of ways to create a little extra comfort in your dog’s safe space—calming essential oils, white noise to drown out the sound of fireworks, or even a thunder coat to help them feel secure. But more likely than not, their biggest comfort during this anxious time is going to be you. If you can, stay with your pup and soothe them with pets and cuddles and by speaking to them calmly. If you’ll be out enjoying the fireworks yourself, try to find a trusted friend (animal or human!) to stay by their side instead.

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