How to Recognize, Treat & Prevent Heat Stroke in Your Dog

Just like you and I, dogs love warm, sunny weather. To your dog, nice weather means more time spent outside chasing squirrels, longer walks, and plenty of sunbathing in the backyard. Sounds like doggy paradise, doesn’t it? While it’s great that warm summer weather gives your dog more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, the high… Read more »

4 Advantages of Hunting with a Dog

Man’s best friend takes on a lot of roles—in-home entertainment, table scrap vacuum cleaner, personal trainer, midnight cuddler. But did you know that dogs also make ideal hunting partners? Many dogs have all of the top qualities of a successful hunter. They have heightened senses, intense focus (when trained properly), impressive stamina, and a natural… Read more »

Canine Body Language: What is Your Dog Trying to Tell You?

Most dog owners aren’t afraid to admit that they talk to their pups on a regular basis. After all, how else are you going to make sure they know how loved and adorable they are? Your dog may respond with a little yap or bark here and there, but when they’re truly trying to communicate… Read more »

3 Common Plants to Keep Your Dog Away from This Spring

The days are getting longer, the birds are starting to chirp, flowers are beginning to bloom—the start of spring has finally sprung! Spring is a great time of year for your dog, as they get to spend more time outside and explore the new sights, smells, and sounds of the season. What you might not… Read more »

What to Do If You Find a Tick on Your Dog

Most dogs love being outdoors. Especially if you have a hunting or pointing dog, they’ll be doing a lot of running and rolling around in grassy fields and wooded areas. Although spending time outside is great for your dog’s overall health and happiness, it does put them at risk for a few extra hazards—and ticks… Read more »

The Ins & Outs of Crate Training Your Dog

There are a lot of great benefits to crate training your dog. It will help you control them if you’re not around to supervise or if they’re getting too rowdy, as well as provide them with a safe, comfortable space of their own. Crate training can be an extensive process. It’s very important, however, that… Read more »

How to Introduce Your Dog to a New Pup

Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting time for you and your family! All of that energy and love is contagious for human family members, but keep in mind that resident animals might not be as quick to welcome a new fur sibling. If you already have a dog at home when you get… Read more »

5 Christmas Foods That Aren’t So Jolly for Your Dog

Doesn’t it always feel like Christmas is lightyears away until suddenly it’s right around the corner? Well Christmas is coming, so it’s time to get your decorations, gifts, and menus in order! Dogs owners are notorious for spoiling their pups, especially around the holidays. Feel free to go crazy at the store buying presents for… Read more »

How Can I Tell If My Dog is Stressed?

The upcoming holiday season is an exciting, chaotic time of year for everyone—including your dog! All the stressors that pop up and throw you out of whack over the next few months can often have just as much of an effect on your four-legged family members. Give your dog the love and care they need… Read more »