3 Ways to Protect Your Dog from Fleas and Ticks

Puppy Labrador Retriever scratching fleas in the park

With Spring right around the corner, it’s time to start preparing our pups for the invasion of pesky parasites. Fleas and ticks can be dangerous to our dogs and should be avoided at all costs. If you and your pup are hunting buddies or spend a lot of time walking and hiking through nature, you will inevitably run into some fleas or ticks.

Here are three ways to protect your dog from these parasites during the warmer months ahead.

1) Regularly Check Your Dog

You shouldn’t wait until you see your dog scratching to check for fleas. Regularly run a flea comb through their coat, and if you find they already have a flea or tick infestation, your first step is to eliminate the parasites from your pet. Choose a flea and tick spray to keep adult fleas and ticks off your pup or bathe your dog with a flea and tick shampoo made to kill these critters. If your dog is outside in wooded areas, check them regularly for ticks and remove any you find right away. Visit your veterinarian immediately if you suspect your dog may have a tick-borne illness.

2) Keep Your Environment Clean

It is not enough to only check your pets for fleas and ticks. You must make sure your home is clean and parasite free as well. Your house is a desirable flea habitat because the fleas are shielded from the outside elements. Wash your dog’s bedding and vacuum regularly to reduce the number of fleas in your home. Ticks also lurk in grass or low-hanging bushes, so it’s recommended to keep your yard mowed and trimmed to keep ticks at bay.

3) Practice Prevention Year-Round

Flea season can run into November or even December, and ticks can become active as early as February. There is no clear time to start treating your dog. Therefore, you should consider prevention methods year-round to keep your dog safe. There are many preventative products on the market but check with your vet to pick something that will fit your pet’s individual needs. If you’ve been hanging onto old flea or tick products, it is probably time to trade them in for something new. Old products, especially ones past their expiration date, can lose effectiveness.

At Lankas Labs, our Pointing Labrador Retrievers are raised to be your ideal hunting partner. With the amount of time they spend in the woods with you, it is important to be conscious of pesky parasites that might use your furry friend as a host. Following these tips will help prevent your dog from getting diseases and avoid discomfort. 

If you’re looking for an outdoor canine explorer to hunt or go on hikes with you this summer, check out our upcoming litters or give us a call at (785)626-9313 to learn how you can take home a new furry best friend!