Are You Ready to Bring Home A Puppy? Here’s How You Can Tell

Labrador Retriever Breeder in KansasBecoming a dog parent is a fun and fulfilling experience. There’s nothing that can compare to a dog’s unconditional love for you, the laughter they bring with their crazy antics, or those adorable puppy eyes when they’re begging for a treat. But bringing home a new puppy is a lot different in theory than it is in practice.

Before you add a dog to the family, you need to make sure you’re up for the responsibility as well as all the fun that comes with it. Here are the most important signs that you’re prepared to provide for a new pup:

Your research is done.

How can you know if you’re ready for a puppy if you don’t know what being a dog parent entails? Before you get ahead of yourself and start puppy proofing, conduct some in-depth research. Get information on things like which breeds suit your lifestyle, how to train a new puppy, long-term care needs, nearby vets, kennels, and dog parks, proper nutrition, etc.

You’ve got the time to devote.

More than anything else, a dog—and a puppy especially—is going to require your time. You need to be sure you will have the time to train, socialize, play with/exercise, love your dog and help them adjust to their new environment. Your schedule should be open, flexible, or line up with other members of the household so that your dog is always receiving adequate care and attention.

Your entire house is in agreement.

Speaking of other household members, everybody you live with needs to be on board before you welcome a puppy in your abode. Individual responsibilities should be outlined and everyone should know what to expect, be prepared to enforce consistent rules, and be ready for the stress and potential damage of the adjustment period/puppy phase.

You’re prepared to spend money.

Puppies come with a good chunk of initial costs in addition to the long-term expenses of dog ownership in general. There’s going to be vet bills to pay for, potential spaying or neutering costs, training costs, daycare/kennel expenses, food, toys, and other supplies to buy on a regular basis, and unexpected or emergency costs to be prepared for. If you don’t have the financial means or stability to provide for a dog, now is not the time to start pursuing it.

If you’ve met the criteria above and have decided you’re ready to take on four paws, get in touch with Lankas Labs! The Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Their intelligence, friendliness, ability to be trained, and fun and loving demeanor make them perfect for new and seasoned dog owners alike.

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