5 Christmas Foods That Aren’t So Jolly for Your Dog

Doesn’t it always feel like Christmas is lightyears away until suddenly it’s right around the corner? Well Christmas is coming, so it’s time to get your decorations, gifts, and menus in order! Dogs owners are notorious for spoiling their pups, especially around the holidays. Feel free to go crazy at the store buying presents for… Read more »

How Can I Tell If My Dog is Stressed?

The upcoming holiday season is an exciting, chaotic time of year for everyone—including your dog! All the stressors that pop up and throw you out of whack over the next few months can often have just as much of an effect on your four-legged family members. Give your dog the love and care they need… Read more »

Caring for Your Senior Dog

When you adopt a dog, you commit yourself to giving them the best life possible from the time they step into your home through the end of their golden years! As a dog ages, their needs are going to change—it’s your job to help them adapt. We know in your eyes they’ll always be your… Read more »

4 Things to Do to Get Your Dog Ready for Hunting Season

As summer comes to an end, the fall season brings many things with it to look forward to. Who doesn’t get excited for gorgeous leaves, pumpkin spice, cozy bonfires, and of course, hunting season?! If you’re an experienced hunter, you’ve surely established your own routine for getting back into the groove of the hunt. But… Read more »

The Top Technology for Dog Owners

Many people nowadays view their pets as members of their family—some without kids even consider them to be their child! It comes as no surprise that a wide variety of technology has emerged to enhance the lives of our furry friends as well as our ability to watch over and interact with them. There are… Read more »

Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer with These 5 Tips

Having a dog is great in all seasons, but it’s especially fun when summertime comes around! The warm weather gives you and your pup a chance to spend some quality time together playing in the sunshine and lazing around during the longer days. Your dog is sure to enjoy exploring the neighborhood with you in… Read more »

Dog-Walking Etiquette: The Rules of the Sidewalk

For most dogs, going for a walk is the highlight of their day—so many new things to sniff, so much sunshine to enjoy, and a whole crew of exciting new people they might meet! Taking your dog for frequent walks is canine care 101, so it’s important to be familiar with and practice proper dog-walking… Read more »

Do Dogs Understand Us When We Speak?

Man’s best friend may not speak our language, but can he understand it? Does your dog really know that when he plants his butt and sits nicely on the ground when you tell him to “sit,” that he is, in fact, sitting—or does he just remember that if he does that, he gets a treat?… Read more »

Labs as Working Dogs

Over time society has learned that dogs make not only loyal, lovable companions, but also intelligent and hardworking employees! While dogs ultimately want to come home at night to cuddle and play with their favorite humans, they do have excellent traits and instincts that make them incredible members of the working world. In fact, many… Read more »