5 Christmas Foods That Aren’t So Jolly for Your Dog

Doesn’t it always feel like Christmas is lightyears away until suddenly it’s right around the corner? Well Christmas is coming, so it’s time to get your decorations, gifts, and menus in order!

Dogs owners are notorious for spoiling their pups, especially around the holidays. Feel free to go crazy at the store buying presents for your furry friend, but when it comes to sharing food you need to be careful. Prepare yourself this year by learning which foods are okay to give your dog this holiday season, and which ones will have you spending your Christmas at the vet!

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1) Chocolate

If you’ve ever had a cat or dog before, this one you probably already know. Dogs can’t digest caffeine or the theobromine that chocolate contains, making it poisonous to them. If your dog eats chocolate, take them to the emergency vet immediately!

2) Raisins

A lot of Christmas tables include a tasty bowl of raisin pudding or a fruitcake for dessert! Raisins cause acute renal failure in dogs, which means their kidneys start shutting down. Even a few spare raisins aren’t safe to treat your pup to, as they can be fatal even in small amounts.

3) Ham

Tossing your pooch a few scraps of ham under the table isn’t going to kill them, but it’s not very good for them either. Ham has a very high fat content, a lot of salt, and often other seasonings that are harmful to your dog’s stomach. Too much of it causes pancreatitis and gastrointestinal issues that won’t be fun for you or your pup.

4) Nuts

Nuts make a great addition to trail mix and a wide range of baked goods, but not so much to your dog’s stomach. This is another high-fat snack that can cause an upset stomach and vomiting in your dog. Many kinds of nuts are even toxic to dogs, such as macadamia and walnuts!

5) Spices & Seasoning

You might be surprised to learn that a lot of common spices and seasonings used at Christmas—and just in general—are poisonous for dogs! Garlic, onion, and chives in any form can all damage their blood cells and lead to anemia. Even some baking spices can be harmful. Nutmeg, for example, can cause hallucinations, stomach pain, and sometimes even seizures.

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