The Top Technology for Dog Owners

Many people nowadays view their pets as members of their family—some without kids even consider them to be their child! It comes as no surprise that a wide variety of technology has emerged to enhance the lives of our furry friends as well as our ability to watch over and interact with them.

There are a lot of cool gadgets out there specifically designed for dog owners that offer many advantages for you and your pup. Check out some of the most useful tools we’ve found!Lab Breeders in Kansas

Smart Collars

Technologically enhanced collars are an excellent way to keep track of your rambunctious pooch. They feature a built-in GPS that allows you to track your dog’s location so you can always be assured of his safety. Some devices even allow you to set up virtual boundaries and alert you when they’ve been crossed.

There are also certain collars or attachable gadgets that track the activity and monitor the health of your pup—sort of like a Fitbit for your dog! Stay up to date on his wellness and download an app to get activity recommendations to keep him in tip-top shape.

Surveillance Devices

Video monitoring is a popular resource that many pet owners take advantage of to check in on their dogs when they’re away at work or head out on vacation! Most cameras can be set up with an app that allows you to constantly check in on your pooch to make sure he’s doing okay and staying out of trouble.

A lot of pet surveillance tools also offer interactive features that can keep you in touch with your pup at any distance. Install two-way audio so you can tell your dog how much you love him on your lunch break. Or, opt for an apparatus with a built-in laser toy or treat dispenser you can control from your phone!

Interactive Toys

Keep your dog active and stimulated when you’re tired or not home with technological toys. Invest in an auto-fetch ball launcher with different distance settings to keep your pup on his toes! Smart fetch toys are a great way to make sure your dog gets his exercise despite any circumstances that might prevent you from playing with him.

You can also rouse your pooch’s mind with a stimulating light-up puzzle toy. When he solves it, he’ll get rewarded with a tasty treat. Set it up so the data streams to your phone to keep track of when he uses it and how much he’s improving!

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