Caring for Your Senior Dog

When you adopt a dog, you commit yourself to giving them the best life possible from the time they step into your home through the end of their golden years! As a dog ages, their needs are going to change—it’s your job to help them adapt.

We know in your eyes they’ll always be your little puppy, but you have to prepare yourself for making your pooch’s aging process as smooth and comfortable as possible. Keep these tips in mind as you celebrate more and more birthdays with your beloved dog!

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Feed them a balanced diet.

Older dogs have less energy to move around and play, which makes them more prone to obesity than when they were young and spry. Overweight pups have a decreased lifespan and are at higher risk for developing many serious diseases, just like their human counterparts. Be sure to feed your dog a balanced, nutrient-rich diet to help them maintain a healthy weight!

Check in on your dog regularly.

Monitoring your pup’s health is always important, but it’s even more vital to keep up with the wellness of an older dog. Make frequent trips to the vet for routine testing and to keep them up to date on vaccinations. You dog’s immune system will weaken as the years go by, making them more vulnerable to illness. Regular check ups are the key to early detection.

Keep them moving.

Consistent exercise is just as beneficial for senior dogs as it is for pooches in their prime! You’ll just have to adjust the type and intensity. Be patient and start slow—the goal is to keep your dog active without overdoing it. Regular exercise will also contribute to their overall health and help maintain an ideal weight. Make sure you consult with your vet to figure out a safe and optimal regimen.

Accommodate their changing needs.

As we mentioned before, the best ways to care for your dog are going to change as they get older. Pay attention to their limitations so you can make their day-to-day life as easy and enjoyable as possible! Ensure that their food, water, toys, and bedding are readily accessible. This might mean moving everything to the same floor or investing in special equipment to accommodate some of the more debilitating ailments that develop with age.

Watching a dog grow from a rambunctious puppy to a happy, peaceful senior dog is a beautiful adventure we at Lankas Labs think everyone should have a chance to experience. Contact us today to inquire about the gorgeous labs we have available, that are ready to give you as incredible of a life as you’ll give them!