Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer with These 5 Tips

Having a dog is great in all seasons, but it’s especially fun when summertime comes around! The warm weather gives you and your pup a chance to spend some quality time together playing in the sunshine and lazing around during the longer days. Your dog is sure to enjoy exploring the neighborhood with you in the afternoon sun and chasing all the critters that come out to play in the summer.

Don’t get so wrapped up in the fun though that you forget your dog can’t always communicate his needs with you directly. You need to look out for your four-legged friend in all kinds of conditions—especially the summer heat. Head over to Lankas Labs to find yourself a new summer playmate and then use these tips to keep him cool and comfortable!

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1.) Keep him hydrated.

Cold, fresh water is the key to a happy, healthy summer pup. Just like you need to stay extra hydrated in the baking sun, you dog needs to be drinking enough water too. Always have several large bowls of water available around the house and be sure to keep them filled throughout the day.

If you’re venturing out with your dog on a walk or a fun summer hike, get a collapsible pet bowl and throw as many cold water bottles you can carry into your pack.

2.) Stay inside when it’s too hot.

You don’t want to risk your dog burning his paws on the asphalt or getting heatstroke on a particularly hot day. If the sun is especially scorching, you should keep him inside for the day or wait until the sun goes down to take him for his walk. Take care to avoid the midday heat as well.

Even if you’re comfortable inside with just the windows open, your dog might not be. Crank up the AC or set up your dog with his own fan right by his favorite lounging spot.

3.) Cool him down with snacks.

Provide your pooch with a steady supply of tasty frozen treats to keep him cool in the summer heat. Freeze his favorite treats or broths and let him chow down in between outdoor play sessions. You could even put them in an ice cube tray for a quick and easy snack to toss!

Go to your local ice cream shop and get a cone for your pup—just make sure the flavor is safe for him to eat. Or, make your own dog-friendly ice cream or pupsicles at home!

4.) Let your dog play in the water.

One of the reasons dogs love the summer so much is because they have the opportunity to get silly and splash around in the water. Get a cheap kiddie swimming pool, fill it up with the hose, and watch your dog go crazy—or jump in there with him!

Turn on your sprinklers, spray the hose around, or bring your dog to the nearby lake. Any water activity you can think of will be a blast for you and your pup and keep him cool and refreshed at the same time.

5.) Make sure he has a cool spot to retreat to.

Whether it’s a waterfall oasis in your backyard or an umbrella on the patio, you need to make sure your dog has reliable shade for escaping the sun. Pick up a shaded pet bed or a pop-up canopy to keep outside for the summer and protect your dog from excessive heat.

Your pup should also have a cool spot to lay down when he needs a break from playing. Designate an area for him on the chilly tile floor or the back lawn. You can even spring for a cooling pet bed or an elevated cot to really spoil your furry friend this summer.

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