Puppy Potty Training: Do’s & Don’ts to Follow

Labrador Retriever Puppies for Sale in KansasPotty training is one of the first major accomplishments you and your puppy will need to work toward together. The process is going to require a lot of patience, diligence, and dedication on your end. But it will be well worth it when your puppy is happily going to the bathroom outside and you don’t have to worry about cleaning up any accidents.

To help your puppy master the potty process, follow these important do’s and don’t below as you begin their housetraining!

DO stick to a schedule.

Consistency is key in any type of dog training. Take your pup out to do their business at the same times every day, so they learn when and where they’re supposed to go. You should be taking them out in the morning, after meals, after naps, and before bed. Remember that younger puppies will have to go out more frequently at first, as they learn how to control their bladder.

DON’T be afraid of using a crate.

Dogs instinctively want a “den” that can be their safe space to sleep, relax, and find comfort. They are naturally reluctant to soil this living space, which means using a crate will help them develop a potty schedule. Let your new puppy sleep in their crate at night and rest in it several times throughout the day. When crate time is up, let them out to go to the bathroom ASAP.

DO learn and watch for your puppy’s potty cues.

Your puppy is likely to signal when they need to go to the bathroom. They may sniff the ground intently, walk around in circles, or go sit in a particular spot. It is your job to be able to recognize these signals and respond to them throughout the day, so it’s clear to your puppy where they should be going potty. You can also try to teach your puppy a specific potty cue, such a sitting by the door and barking or ringing a bell on the handle.

DON’T punish a puppy for accidents.

Negative reinforcement tactics will not teach a dog to associate a behavior with the punishment, but will only make them more anxious and scared of you. If your puppy has an accident—and chances are they will for the first few weeks—don’t yell at them or rub their noses in it. Just clean up the mess and eliminate any lingering odor that may draw them back to that spot again. When they do go potty outside, be generous and immediate with the praise you offer, whether it’s verbal, pets, treats, or a favorite toy.

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