4 Advantages of Hunting with a Dog

man squatting with a dog and hunting down an animal

Man’s best friend takes on a lot of roles—in-home entertainment, table scrap vacuum cleaner, personal trainer, midnight cuddler. But did you know that dogs also make ideal hunting partners?

Many dogs have all of the top qualities of a successful hunter. They have heightened senses, intense focus (when trained properly), impressive stamina, and a natural love of the outdoors. Check out just a few of the considerable advantages of adding a canine buddy to your hunting crew!

1) A hunting dog will open up more possibilities on the field.

A dog’s natural tracking skills and instincts are perfect for finding game during a hunt. With your dog’s nose leading the way, you’ll be able to explore new terrain where it had previously been too difficult to track prey on your own. Your horizons will expand to include new animals and more chances to bag your favorites.

2) You’ll be able to better hone and improve your own hunting abilities with the help of a dog.

When the tracking process becomes faster and more accurate, you’ll have more opportunity to practice your skills and even learn new ones. The wider variety of terrain and prey to which a hunting dog gives you access will challenge you in new and exciting ways. Plus, a dog will help bring you within a closer range of your prey, giving you a cleaner shot.

3) Leave the grunt work to your dog.

Many dog breeds are specially trained to point and retrieve shot down game. With one of these pups by your side, you eliminate the need to head to the trenches and pick it up yourself. This way, you can stay focused on your next shot while your dog retrieves your winnings thus far.

4) Your hunts will be more enjoyable.

Everything is better with a dog! Hunting is no exception. A hunting dog offers you comfort and companionship on those long days in the field, while still allowing you the space to enjoy a certain sense of solitude and the serenity of your natural surroundings.

At Lankas Labs, we start training our puppies in the art of pointing and the hunt from eight weeks old. Our dogs make ideal hunting and family companions for their whole lifetime. We also offer additional training classes to get dogs even more prepared for the hunting field.

Contact us today to find your new hunting buddy and best friend!