Training your Lab to Hunt

A lot of times people who go out and hunt any type of game will enjoy doing so on their own. Nothing better than being out in the wilderness on your own, listening to the calming sounds of nature while trying to bag a deer for dinner. However, there are some hunters who enjoy doing… Read more »

Is a Lab the Right Choice for you?

You may already know Labrador Retrievers are perfect hunting companions, especially when trained to point. A great assistant for when you’re out in the field, a pointing Lab helps you land more fowl, which you don’t have to retrieve all by yourself. But there is so much more to having a Retriever as a pet… Read more »

Indoor Exercise for Dogs in the Colder Months

By nature dogs love to walk and run and play without boundaries of limits. This is why spring, summer and fall can be a pup’s favorite time of year. They get to see new things, hear new sounds and get out all of their seemingly endless energy. But come winter, they are confined inside for… Read more »

The Importance of Animal Socialization

Socializing your animal is crucial on so many levels. This means how the animal interacts with animals and people other than its master. Including just the owner or master as a gage of interaction is a skewed measurement. This is because most animals recognize the person who feeds them and cares for them… It’s how… Read more »

The Best Hunting Dogs | Pointing Labradors

After spending the majority of my life hunting and another great portion raising hunting dogs, my father and I have come to realize that Labradors are without a doubt the best waterfowl dog out there. At Lankas Labs, we’ve focused solely on this breed because we know that you’ll never find a better pointing dog…. Read more »

The Best Leashes for your Labrador

One of the most important accessories you can have as a dog owner is a leash and collar. In most areas, they are required in public, and even at home, to ensure that your dog is well behaved. In many cases, Labradors are so well behaved that they don’t require a leash – but they… Read more »

Training for Duck Hunting

Labradors are naturally great hunting dogs. They have an innate ability to know what to do while they are out in a field, or on the water. For hundreds of generations, they have been bred to do just that. Even though they have some inherited hunting instincts, they still need to be trained on the… Read more »

Grooming Your Hunting Dog

Keeping your dog groomed isn’t just for the frilly lap dogs. Grooming is an essential part of owning a dog, even if your dog is a tough hunting dog. Think of your dog like you might think of your child. Of course they are going to go jump in the mud puddles after bath time,… Read more »

Bringing Your Dog Along

We love our dogs. They are treasured family members, our four-legged children, our companions, and our pals. And we love to take them wherever we go. Most dogs live for rides in the car, ears blowing in the wind, great smells to sniff.   But when taking your dog out to run errands, keep in… Read more »