Dog Safety for the Winter Months

As the fall weather grows colder and we prepare for the winter ahead, it is important to pay attention to your dog and his health. Winter weather poses a few potential threats to your pet’s health, making it important to pay close attention while your furry friend is outside.

Cold Weather

Dogs are just as susceptible to hypothermia and frostbite as we humans are. Even if yours loves romping around in the snow, it is important to keep them inside throughout the winter months, heading out for only short periods of time. Also be sure to look your dog over for frostbite or injured paws when they come inside. Icy cold weather can cause cracking and bleeding of the paws. We recommend allowing your pet’s coat to grow out during the winter months for an extra layer of protection. For dogs with short fur, a sweater or jacket may be a good option. Be sure to choose one that fits them comfortably and allows for complete range of motion. For an animal that frequently suffers from cracked paws, boots may be a good option as well.


There are a few dangerous winter chemicals that can harm your furry friend, including antifreeze and deicer. To prevent your pet from getting ill, we recommend keeping your winter chemicals in a safe place, far out of their reach. Wash away spills immediately and wipe down your pets belly, leg and paws after walks around the neighborhood to keep their fur clean.


As the winter weather begins, so does the holiday season. With Christmas decorations, lights and presents filling the house, it is important to watch your dog inside as well as outside. Place decorations out of your pets reach and make sure they cannot get to any cords to prevent injuries.

Hosting a holiday party this year? Remember that these big events are stressful for some animals. Give your pet a chance to mingle with guests, but also provide them with a comfy spot in a quiet room where they can rest away from the excitement of the party.

Keep your pets warm and safe this winter for a happy and safe holiday season. Visit The Humane Society and the ASPCA for more winter weather advice.

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