Pointing Dogs and Hunting

HuntingWhen hunters take their dogs with them on a hunt, it is in the hopes that their four-legged friend will help them find game. These dogs are typically referred to as pointing dogs, and have been trained to turn their muzzle towards where the game are, the hunter to sneak up or get into position to take their shot.

If you are someone who hasn’t utilized a dog in your hunts before but is looking to, it’s important you get the best dog for the job. There are numerous options, but if you ask us, a pointing Labrador retriever is your best bet for success.

This breed is very versatile in terms of what they bring to the hunt and your home. Their pointing instinct makes them perfect for finding upland game and waterfowl, and they have an exceptional range – able to detect game birds from distances of 25 to 30 yards or even more, depending on weather conditions and prevailing winds. This allows hunters to put more space in between them and their targets, in turn making it less likely for their prey to hear the hunter’s approach and take flight.

Labradors are also great companion dogs. Hunts can be long and sometimes very frustrating, so having a friend out there along for the ride can make it an overall more enjoyable experience. Then once the hunt is over, you and your four-legged friend can head on home, where they will bring you and your family endless joy. As a naturally born pleaser, these docile dogs make great family pets once the hunt is over and the only thing hiding are your kids during games of hide and seek.

Lankas Labs in Kansas specializes in breeding pointing labs that are the perfect choice for any game hunter looking for a well-rounded canine companion for both the hunt and the home. For more information on this breed or to learn more about our upcoming available litters, call us today at 785-626-9313!