Does Your Lab Get Sick When Traveling in the Car?

Does Your Lab Get Sick When Traveling in the Car?Just like people, dogs can get carsick, too. It’s no fun for the pet, and no fun for the owner! But what do you do if your lab gets sick while traveling in the car? Read on for a few handy tips.

First, know the symptoms

Unlike people, dogs can’t ask you to pull over when they aren’t feeling well. Be aware of some of the symptoms of motion sickness in dogs, such as lip smacking, excessive drooling, listlessness or yawning, whining and crying and, most unpleasant of all, vomiting.

Reduce stress

Sometimes, the reasons behind your lab’s car sickness are psychological – he associates the car with unpleasant trips, like the vet. Make the car a stress-free place for your lab by bringing along his favorite toys and blankets.

Find the right position

For some dogs, placing them in a harness that allows them to face forward, rather than in a crate, can help alleviate car sickness.

Condition your lab to like the car

Make sure your lab associates the car with more than just the vet and the groomer. Take him on short car trips to places he loves, like to the dog park or on a hike with the family.

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