How to Teach Your Dog Not to Lick

How to Teach Your Dog Not to LickHere at Lankas Labs, we know your dog loves to lick sometimes—they do it the minute you wake up, the minute you get home from work, and the minute you’re about to sleep. And we know some of our Pointing Labradors are guilty of it, too. But not every dog owner enjoys a lick from their dog, or, maybe, just not all the time. And it may be for good reason.

Although dogs instinctually lick their owners, studies have shown that the gum-disease-causing bacteria can be transferable between dogs and humans. In addition, a dog could have just finished eating garbage or their own behind, before licking their owners. Either way, we don’t want to think about it! But it’s reason enough to think twice about that next lick.

If you’re considering teaching your dog how to not lick, here are some good tips.

Tell everyone in the house to really make a point of turning their faces away from your dog when they try to lick you. That way, your dog learns that this behavior is heavily condoned by everyone. And when your dog turns their tongue away, reward them! Give them a treat, or tell them how good of a dog they are. By doing so, you can teach them alternate behavior—that not licking is encouraged.

Of course, a lick every once in a while isn’t the worst thing. Just make sure you wash your hands after, and maybe swish around some mouthwash, to avoid any germs. Here at Lankas Labs, we believe treating your pointed lab breed with the love they deserve is the most important thing—even if that involves getting a smooch every once in a while!