Introduce Your Beloved Newborn to Your Beloved Lab

Introduce Your Newborn to Your Beloved LabOur Labradors are treasured family members, and without a doubt, they know it. That means when something (or should we say someone!) new is introduced into the mix, your dog might become confused and stressed.

There is nothing like bringing home your much-anticipated newborn but doing so with a Labrador at home requires special preparations.

Take Time to Prepare

The key to introducing your precious newborn to your devoted Labrador is timely preparation. Your dog needs to know that a little human will soon share their space, and the sooner you start introducing the idea of a baby, the better the transition will go.

Because dogs are used to getting your undivided attention, they might start showing signs of jealousy once the newborn arrives if they are not properly prepared. To prepare them for this, start introducing your Labrador to your baby’s furniture, toys, and clothes. If your dog has never been around children, do your best to expose them to children of friends or family members so they learn to get used to it.

Consider carrying a baby doll around to start understanding how your dog will react to your new baby, and practice walking your dog alongside a stroller.

Understanding the Introduction

The day you bring your baby home will likely be filled with anxiety and stress. How will your beloved Labrador react? Hopefully your preparations have paid off and your dog feels ready for a lifelong best friend.

Before you enter your home, one person should enter first and do an initial “hello” if you’ve both been away from home for a bit. Don’t forget to have some treats close by. Do your best to avoid scolding your dog to ensure the experience of them meeting the baby for the first time is positive.

Handling the Aftermath

After the initial meeting of your dog and baby, don’t forget to continue to focus on your Labrador; they will need a little extra attention in order to feel loved and wanted.

Remember to keep a close eye on your dog and baby and keep your Labrador well exercised to help them remain calm. Regardless of how well-trained your dog is, establishing a relationship between a large, strong dog and a fragile, delicate human definitely requires balance. However, don’t worry too much: after baby and dog get used to each other, they will likely become inseparable!

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