Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make

They say that a dog is man’s best friend, and here at Lankas Labs, we love our pups. We know you do, too! But are you guilty of some of the most common mistakes that dog owners make?Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make

Not thinking things through

We know, puppies are adorable – but do you have the time and resources needed to properly train one? That long-haired dog might be tugging at your heartstrings, but can you deal with the shedding and the cleanup? Make sure that you have the time, money and inclination to take good care of your pooch, and think carefully about the right breed for you.

Not sticking to the rules

You know Fido isn’t allowed on the brand-new sofa, and so does he, but he looks so adorable lying there you don’t have the heart to tell him to get down. He isn’t supposed to beg for table scraps, but one day you give in to those sweet, pleading eyes. You may think your behavior is harmless, but inconsistency is one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a dog owner. How is your dog supposed to learn the rules if they aren’t enforced?

Not getting enough exercise

Dogs need regular walks, but did you know they need mental exercise, too? Playing with your pooch is just as important as letting him or her run outside.

Lankas Labs is a leading Pointing Lab breeder. We can help you find your new best friend, and give great advice on caring for your new pup. We’ll work with you to carefully identify your needs to select the perfect dog for you. What’s more, we offer training services to help your new dog learn proper behavior. Call us today at 785-626-9313 to find out more!