Exercising Your Lab

Labrador TipsDo you have a lazy lab or an overly active one? Have you ever wondered exactly how much exercise they should be getting on a daily basis?

Here are a few tips on how to appropriately exercise your lab, without over or under-doing it.

The Labrador Site says that as soon as your pup is vaccinated, you can take him for a walk—but it’s important to not over-exercise your lab. What exactly does that mean?

Many breeders say the “five-minute rule” is a good standby and applies to puppy labs, too. The rule is five minutes of walking for every month of your puppy’s age. So, if your puppy is six months old, he should be able to handle a 30-minute walk quite easily.

What happens if you exceed this rule? Exercise is believed to be an important factor in the development of joint disorders, like dysplasia, which is a hip joint disorder. The idea is that if your puppy is over-exercised when he is young, it may cause him to have weak joints when he’s older. But, many breeders and vets think that dysplasia is also passed from mom to pup, so it’s possible that environmental factors don’t play a role.

Keep in mind that daily walks are just one type of exercise that your pup should be getting. But that’s not the only type; you can have your pup run off-leash in a dog park, once he or she has been vaccinated. Taking your dog to the park is good for him physically as well as socially. While there’s no time limit placed on off-leash play, you should keep an eye on your pup. If he begins to pant heavily or act like he’s tired, it may be time to take him home. If your pup spent a half hour running off-leash in the afternoon, there’s no need to also walk him later in the day.

Remember, like Labrador Training HQ says, exercise is an important part of your lab’s daily life, just like it is in yours. Healthy habits like regular walks and exercise will keep your lab’s heart healthy, and his weight under control.

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