How to Get Rid of Dog Stench

How to Get Rid of Dog StenchAs much as our labs mean to us, there’s no way around it – sometimes our faithful friends really stink. If you love your lab’s friendly personality, loyalty and playfulness, but hate the dog stench permeating your home, your car and your clothing, read on for a few handy tips for getting rid of pet odor.

Groom your lab every day

You may not realize it, but dead hair is one of the primary sources of dog odor, both on the dog itself and in your home. Grooming your dog every day is the best way to minimize the problem. Do it outside when possible, so that the dead hair your lab sheds doesn’t settle around your home.

When grooming and bathing your pup, we suggest using Life’s Abundance Revitalizing Shampoo! This product cleans without stripping away natural oils and it eliminates odors.  After a bath, we like to use Life’s Abundance Bath Fresh Mist. You’ll love the way your dog smells after a spritz of lovely kiwi-mango scent!

Choose the right vacuum

No matter how meticulously you groom your pup, some pet hair and dander are bound to find their way into the nooks and crannies of your home. Choosing a vacuum cleaner that is specifically designed to get rid of pet dander and fur is half the battle. The other half is thoroughness – make sure to vacuum in every corner and between couch cushions.

Check with the vet

If you clean your home and groom your dog religiously, but odors persist, it may be time for a checkup. Certain odors can indicate that your lab needs different food. Here at Lankas Labs, we recommend having your pup on a proper diet from Life’s Abundance. You’ll love having your dog on this diet as it is all wholesome and nourishing food!

At Lankas Labs, we know all there is to know about labs. We’re a leading pointing lab breeder and are here to help you find your new best friend. Call us today at 785-626-9313 to find out more about our lab puppies!