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New Year’s Resolutions for Dog Parents

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The start of a new year has become synonymous with the idea of a clean slate. Flipping from one calendar to the next feels like an opportunity to work on yourself, reevaluate your goals, and commit to a new plan for meeting those goals. If you’re a dog owner, this milestone of fresh beginnings is… Read more »

The Ins & Outs of Crate Training Your Dog

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There are a lot of great benefits to crate training your dog. It will help you control them if you’re not around to supervise or if they’re getting too rowdy, as well as provide them with a safe, comfortable space of their own. Crate training can be an extensive process. It’s very important, however, that… Read more »

Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer with These 5 Tips

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Having a dog is great in all seasons, but it’s especially fun when summertime comes around! The warm weather gives you and your pup a chance to spend some quality time together playing in the sunshine and lazing around during the longer days. Your dog is sure to enjoy exploring the neighborhood with you in… Read more »

How Certain Behaviors Can Stress Out Your Dog

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Dogs can become stressed out for different reasons: perhaps they fear getting shots at the vet, they meet another dog that rubs them the wrong way, or they are nervous about being left alone. However, did you know that your personal behavior can also be a reason your dog is stressed out? Lankas Labs is… Read more »

What to Consider Before Hiring a Pet-Sitter

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Just like with the process of hiring a babysitter, searching for a pet-sitter that will best care for your furry friend takes time and thorough research. By starting your search early and interviewing potential sitters, you will find a pet-sitter your dog adores. Here is what to consider before hiring a pet-sitter. Previous Experience An… Read more »

Understanding Why Some Dogs Lick Their Paws

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If your dog spends a lot of time licking their paws, it is usually not cause for concern; however, when the licking becomes obsessive, a trip to the vet or a home remedy might be in order. Lankas Labs has highlighted some common reasons why some dogs lick their paws and how you can help… Read more »

Help Your Dog Handle Car-Caused Anxiety

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When we think of dogs riding in cars, we often have an image of a dog (especially labs) hanging out the passenger seats, tongue out with their tail wagging, right? However, not all dogs are ready to embrace vehicles and many dogs suffer from car-caused anxiety that can be helped. Many dogs get into the… Read more »