What to Consider Before Hiring a Pet-Sitter

Dog and Woman on the BeachJust like with the process of hiring a babysitter, searching for a pet-sitter that will best care for your furry friend takes time and thorough research.

By starting your search early and interviewing potential sitters, you will find a pet-sitter your dog adores.

Here is what to consider before hiring a pet-sitter.

Previous Experience

An experienced pet sitter should have an impressive resume to share during your interview session. Ask about the sitter’s past experience with pet sitting, including the breed, age, temperament, and energy levels of the dogs they have watched in the past. Make sure the pet sitter has cared for dogs like yours and find out what kinds of emergencies the sitter has dealt with. Experience is everything when it comes to the proper care and safety of your furry family member.

Trusted Referrals

Ask friends and family members for the names of pet sitters that they have had positive experiences with. Consider posting on Facebook to find potential sitters from people that you know and trust. While interviewing potential sitters, consider asking them for a list of references and contact their past clients to get a better picture of what to expect from the sitter. Use those contacts to your advantage and ask them questions!

Consider Your Pet’s Specific Needs

Some pets have specific care needs, such as special medications, custom diets, and so forth. Whether your pet suffers from extreme separation anxiety or requires frequent walks throughout the day, all our pets are unique and as a result, require unique care. Make sure the pet sitter you hire is both flexible and adaptable to meet your pet’s specific needs.

Trust Your (and Your Pet’s) Intuition

You can learn a lot about a person from watching them interact with your pet. Arrange a meet-and-greet between the potential pet-sitter and your pet to watch how they interact with one another. This way, you can see how personalities and energy levels line up. Trust your judgment and go with your intuition; if someone does not seem like a good fit, they are likely not the sitter for you.

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