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How to Get Rid of Dog Stench

As much as our labs mean to us, there’s no way around it – sometimes our faithful friends really stink. If you love your lab’s friendly personality, loyalty and playfulness, but hate the dog stench permeating your home, your car and your clothing, read on for a few handy tips for getting rid of pet… Read more »

Dog Safety for the Winter Months

Labrador Retriever playing in the snow

As the fall weather grows colder and we prepare for the winter ahead, it is important to pay attention to your dog and his health. Winter weather poses a few potential threats to your pet’s health, making it important to pay close attention while your furry friend is outside. Cold Weather Dogs are just as… Read more »

Keep your dog Active Through Winter Months

The fall can be your dog’s favorite time of year; it’s cool enough for them to run and play without overheating. But on the same token, it’s not quite frigid enough for them to freeze. But those colder months are coming and preparing for your dog’s indoor exercise options are monumental.   The colder months… Read more »

Signs Your Dog May be Sick

The last thing any pet owner wants to find out is that their beloved animal is sick, but it is an unfortunate reality that many of us will have to face at some point. Fortunately, most illnesses that afflict dogs can be remedied if they are caught early on, which is why we’re here to… Read more »

Indoor Exercise for Dogs in the Colder Months

By nature dogs love to walk and run and play without boundaries of limits. This is why spring, summer and fall can be a pup’s favorite time of year. They get to see new things, hear new sounds and get out all of their seemingly endless energy. But come winter, they are confined inside for… Read more »