Tips on Pet Proofing Your Home

Labrador PuppiesAt Lankas Labs, we know how exciting it can be to bring home a new puppy for the very first time. It is just the start of a great journey with your new best friend. However, it is important to understand that bringing home a pointing Labrador puppy is something you need to prepare for.

Bringing home a new puppy can have a real impact on your home and it is important to pet-proof beforehand.

Here’s how to start:

Pet-proofing is essentially baby-proofing.

Just like newborns, puppies are incredibly curious: they want to see what’s inside every drawer and reach for anything new. Pet-proofing is really an exercise in baby-proofing. Start first with your locks: add childproof latches to any drawer you want kept safe. Any chemicals or medications you think could be dangerous, raise to a higher level where the puppy can’t reach. Food wrappers can also prove dangerous so move accordingly.

Don’t forget about chewing.

As mentioned, puppies are a lot like babies, and similar to babies, they love to put stuff inside of their mouth and often tend to chew on anything in sight. Any wires or phone chargers should be safely protected, and TVs properly mounted so connecting cables cannot be chewed upon. You’ll want to do a quick vacuum clean behind any furniture, too, to ensure that everything dangerous is safely in the trash.

Check for hiding spots.

Puppies love to hide! And due to their small size, there’s a good chance your brand new puppy will find hiding spots that you never even knew existed. Before you bring a puppy home, try to uncover some of those spots. You can even consider pulling furniture away from the wall a bit to prevent the space from being an inviting hiding spot.

We hope these pet-proofing tips help as you prepare for your puppy’s arrival. We are proud to be one of the Leading Pointing Lab Breeders in the state at Lankas Labs, offering pointing Labradors for sale beginning at eight weeks.

Written by LankasLabs_Admin