Pointing Labrador Breeders near Iowa

For over 28 years, Lankas Labs has been breeding quality, loving pointing Labrador puppies in Kansas. As experienced pointing Labrador breeders near Iowa we breed a range of lab puppy colors including black, charcoal, brown, fox red, ivory and yellow. This specific breed of puppies is great for upland and waterfowl hunting, with training available at an early age. We offer this training on our 13 acres of land where we have plenty of grass, a pond and most importantly, the experience to train these wonderful pups.

Iowa Gun Hunting Dogs & Puppies

For retrieval during hunting, having a trained dog can make your hunting experience so much better. Not only does it eliminate more work for you as the hunter, but you have a companion while you are out there as well. Lankas Labs provides gun hunting dogs & puppies near Iowa that are available for sale and as stated above, in many different coloring. Some hunters choose to own pointing labrador puppies that may blend with the surroundings of where you plan to hunt. There are also owners who are searching for a companion dog and may want an ivory pup as many people feel they look friendlier, although personality traits have never been proven as linked with color.

Labrador Puppies for Hunting in IA

Choosing a Labrador puppy for hunting near IA (in person) may not always be possible. In these cases, our family will discuss with you the goals and wants for your Labrador pup and even can send pictures of our puppies which can result in us choosing the perfect pointing Labrador for you. Your new hunting companion will be loved and socialized and if you choose, we also offer the training mentioned previously to get them ready for their duty as a hunting dog.

Once you’re ready to get the process started, please contact our family at Lankas Labs, we look forward to providing you with a new pointing Labrador retriever puppy!