Color: White

STELLA’S LINEAGE – APLA Grand Master Pointing Retriever; IPLA Certified Pointing Retriever Beckmann’s Ace of Spades, APLA Certified Pointing Retriever Butler’s Kellogg Magnum, APR Beckmann’s High Point Ruger II, CPR AUTUMN OAK’S OVER N UNDER, CPR MT Pleasant Turk, CPR Beckmann’s High Point Magnum, FC HALL OF FAME EBONSTAR LEAN MAC1995, 2000 National Amateur Field Champion1998, 1999 Canadian National Amateur Field Champion Records show, in 2006, 8 dogs sired by him with 9 National wins. Five of these national wins occurred in the Canadian National Open and Canadian National Amateur. Names of titled offspring exceed 110 are too many too list here. CNAFC-CFC HALL OF FAME Aces High III, FC-AFC-HALL OF FAME SNAKE EYES DOUBLE OR NOTHIN’. NAFC-FC-HALL OF FAME Dude’s Double Or Nothin’, FC-AFC-HALL OF FAME DEE’S DANDY DUDE, FC, AFC, HALL OF FAME Grady’s Shadee Lady, NFC, FC, HALL OF FAME Guy’s Bitteroot Lucky NAFC-FC HALL OF FAME Ray’s Rascal, NAFC, CNFC, FC, AFC HALL OF FAME River Oaks Corky FC, AFC, 2xNAFC HALL OF FAME Super Chief, FC, AFC, HALL OF FAME Paha Sapa Chief II, FC-AFC HALL OF FAME Air Express, FC, AFC, HALL OF FAME Trumarc’s Raider, FC, AFC, CFC HALL OF FAME Trieven Thunderhead, FC, AFC, HALL OF FAME Itchin’ To Go, Champion & Master Hunter Simerdown’s Royal Canuck,

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LINEAGE CONTINUED: CH & JH Attaboy’s Whale of a Tale, Ch Attaboy Bravo Holy Spirit, CH Janwood’s Carondelet Risk, CH & JH Sundance’s Granted Wish, FC, AFC Westwinds Super Bunny Babe, CH Could be’s Black Angus Heifer, CH Lockerbie, Brain Boru, CH Mallard’s Brown Spinner, CH Sunnybrock Acres Sce of Spade UD TDX, FC, AFC Westwinds Bold Tiger, FC First Down Dash, CH Love My Sir Winston CD TD, CH Sunnybrook Acres Sandpiper, CH Heatherbrooks Could Be Jazzy, FC Super Joy Of Spring Oaks