Shooter’s Rebel Rage

Shooter’s Rebel Rage “Rage” is an APLA certified nice black female about 60lbs 2  Certified APLA Pointing Lab, 1 Grand Master APLA Pointing Lab: out of APLA Grand Master Pointing Retriever HPK Rebel Rouser and Certified Pointing Retriever Mallard Point Crooked Chase who was out of Certified Pointing Retriever Mt. Pleasant Ben Rage has an intense point and marks very well and has an affectionate personality around people as well. FC AFC Candlewoods Rebel Ridge PDQ MH, Sureshot’s Triple Play MH, Hall of Fame FC AFC Webshire’s Honest Abe, Hall of Fame FC AFC Wilderness Harley To Go, Hall of Fame FC AFC Itchin’ To Go, AFC Black Golds Candlewood Kate, NFC FC AFC McGuffy, NFC FC AFC McGuffy, Hall of Fame NFC FC AFC San Joaquin Honcho, NFC NAFC Candlewoods Super Tanker, NFC FC AFC Candlewoods Tanks A Lot, FC Candlewood’s Super Deal, FC AFC Gahonk’s Pow-Wow, AFC Trieven Classical Jazz, FC AFC Trieven Classic, FC AFC Jazztime, CH Charway Littlejohn, Newtowne’s Black Majik CDX, Shenandoah Barnes Belle CDX, Black Majik’s Kiss UD MH, CH Selamat’s Cottonwood Hank, Landmark’s Chocolate Kiss CD, FC AFC Canis Major’s River Bear, CH Gunfields Super Charger CD, FC AFC Trieven Thunderhead, FC AFC Westwinds Bold Tiger, Hall of Fame FC AFC Snake Eyes-Double Or Nothin’, CH Shamrock Acres Bruin Moroje, CH Sunnybrook Acres Ace O’ Spade UD TDX, FC AFC Gahonk’s Pow-Wow

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