Color: Chocolate

Mocha – GMPR Sir Hershey Of Surrey (APLA Hall of Fame) who has won 4 State Titles, 3 Pointing Titles, 21 Trial Wins and not to mention that he has sired more Certified Pointing Labs than any other dog, Certified Pointing Retriever Carson’s Big Nick,  FTCH-AFTCH Pachanga Magnum Force (History’s all-time high point open chocolate), FC HALL OF FAME EBONSTAR LEAN MAC1995, 2000 National Amateur Field Champion1998, 1999 Canadian National Amateur Field Champion Records show, in 2006, 8 dogs sired by him with 9 National wins. Five of these national wins occurred in the Canadian National Open and Canadian National Amateur. Names of titled offspring exceed 110 are too many too list here.  Clay’s Camo Buddy MH, Pachanga Magnum Kodi JH, Eng. Am. Ch. Lawnwood’s Hot Chocolate, FC-AFC-HALL OF FAME SNAKE EYES DOUBLE OR NOTHIN’. NAFC-FC-HALL OF FAME Dude’s Double Or Nothin’, FC Super Joy Of Spring Oaks , FC-AFC-HALL OF FAME DEE’S DANDY DUDE, FC, AFC, HALL OF FAME Grady’s Shadee Lady, NFC, FC, HALL OF FAME Guy’s Bitteroot Lucky, CNFC-CAFC Call Me Mister Independence, CNAFC-CFC HALL OF FAME Aces High III, NAFC-FC, HALL OF FAME Ray’s Rascal, FC, AFC, 2xNAFC HALL OF FAME Super Chief, FC, AFC, HALL OF FAME Paha Sapa Chief II, FC-AFC HALL OF FAME Trumarc’s Raider, FC, AFC, CFC HALL OF FAME Trieven Thunderhead, NFC-FC-AFC Abe’s Ebony and Ivory, FC-AFC Wilderness Harley To Go Retriever Hall of Fame,  Sasha Natalina JH, FC Beggar’s Bush Vena

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LINEAGE CONTINUED: Master Hunter Gator PT Mick Dundee, FC Mueller’s Stormy Canada, Junior Hunter Kingsland Checkmate, Junior Hunter Kingsland Noble Torianna, FC Ginger’s Choc August, CFTC Jem’s Choc Soldier, CFTC Crevamoy Iron Duke, CFTC Craigend Rock, CNFC-FTC-AFTC Tar Baby’s Little Sweet Stuff, FC Choc of San Juan, CFTC Giherst’s Gninnac Teco, CFTC Brant of Blenheim, CFTC Jet’s Gai Jeff, CFC-CAFC Faro’s Hi-Jinks, FTC-AFTC Clear Weather, NFC-Dual CH Shed of Arden, CH Deer Creek Black Ace, CNFC-FTC-AFTC Ardyn’s Ace of Merwalfin, FTC Chevrier’s Golden Rod, CFTC Moose of Lomac, Can.CH Calder’s Golden Gypsy, NFC Massie’s Sassy Boots, CFTC Nodak Tar Pride, CFTC Bracken of Timber Town, CFTC Chuck of Bracken, FTC Black Panther, CFTC Nelson’s Black Prince, CFTC Prince Roderick of the Court, NFC-AFTC-CFTC Cork of Oakwood Lane, FC-AFC-MHR West Winds Bold Tiger, FC-AFC Trieven Thunderhead, FC-AFC Air Express, FC-AFC, CH Lawnwood’s Hot Chocolate, CH Accipiter Prelude to Dante, Am-Can CH No-Ble Tahmahnaw Tonka UD WC, CH Shamrock Acres Pot of Fudge, Am-Mex CH Gunfields Super Charger, Dual CH Shamrock Acres Super Drive, English Champion Sandylands Mark, Great Britian Champion Sandylands Tweet of Blaircourt, Austrian Champion Sandylands Tan, Mexico Amature Champion Gunfield’s Super Charger CD WC, English Amature Champion Follytower Merrybrook Black Stormer