Pointing Labradors For Sale

Pointing Labradors For Sale



D.O.B. 1/13/17

5 days Left Drawing March 1st


Still time to get your tickets for a chance to win one of these pups or cash.  Winners Choice!

Male on the left and female on the right as you look at them.

I love my home town, Atwood, I love our schools.  Grew up with great friends, several great teachers and many Great memories!  Time to give back!

Our elementary school is in need of new playground equipment and it is time to help raise some money!  Lankas Labs will be drawing a raffle ticket March 1st for winner’s choice:  Either: fox red female or fox red male or $800 cash.  Suggested donations 1 ticket $10, 3 tickets $25, 10 tickets $50 or 25 tickets for $100…need not be present to win, we will post the drawing on our facebook page.  You can mail your donations to Lankas Labs 15259 rd 19 Atwood, Ks 67730.  We will mail you your tickets.  Or you can go to the link below, I will get an email of your donation, and include your address so I can send you your tickets!!!


We appreciate any and all donations!


New Location Address

Lankas Labs
15259 RD 19
Atwood, Ks   67730

Training. UPLAND, WATERFOWL, FAMILY/COMPANION or combo of any and all 3. We also offer preseason training for you dog. $350 per 4wks *cost of birds not included*

Popular with hunters or people seeking a great family-focused, companion dog; Lankas Labs’ dogs are always in demand. Whether it is because of the fine breeding stock each pup is sired from, the extensive training young pups receive or the high quality diet all of Labs are fed, we welcome the reputation as being one of the premier Ivory Pointing Labrador Breeders. Looking for a place to find Fox Red Labradors For Sale? We are also one of the most knowledgeable and dedicated Fox Red Pointing Labradors Breeders you will ever meet. In addition to Fox Red Pointing Labs and Ivory Pointing Labs, some of the other colors of Pointing Labs you will find at Lankas Labs include:

Training Available

Specializing in breeding as well as training, Lankas Labs is pleased to offer pre-season training. Whether you have a pup or an older dog, one of our Ivory Labradors, Fox Red Labradors or any other breed of dog; all are welcomed. For $350, plus the cost of birds, your dog will receive four weeks of intensive training.

Lankas Labs pups can be trained just for you! We offer training in Upland, Waterfowl, Family/Companion animal or any combination of the three. For the most well-rounded Lab, we offer training in all three areas, allowing you to receive a thoroughly-trained loyal hunting partner as well as a dedicated family pet.

Understanding Your Needs

All Black, Chocolate, Fox Red or Ivory Labradors For Sale have their own unique personalities. At Lankas Labs, we will work with you to carefully identify your needs to help select the best Pointing Lab possible. While most people select their animals based on color and gender, we would also like you to consider other factors that will influence your selection decision. Are you seeking a dog that leans more towards the aggressive side, docile side or is a balanced combination of the two? Would you like your animal to be more social or independent? Finally, how would you like your Lab to function within your family? Will it be primarily used for Upland or Waterfowl Hunting, or will your Lab also be closely interacting with other family members seeking companionship?

By asking yourself these and other questions, you will be able to determine which qualities in a Pointing Lab are the most important factors affecting your purchase. When you are confident with your needs and expectations, Lankas Labs will be happy to help you select the most appropriate dog or further guide you in your decision making process.