Why Are Labs the Most Popular Breed In the US?

Most popular dogs in america, black labs

The Labrador is a longtime favorite dog breed for many obvious reasons. They have been welcomed as family pets, assistance dogs, hunting partners, detection dogs, and show dogs for hundreds of years. Because of their many amazing qualities, Labradors are the most popular breed of dog in America. Here’s why:



Labs are one of the most sweet-natured dog breeds, being outgoing with other dogs and people, as well as loyal to their family. Overall, labs make excellent family dogs. Their even tempered nature makes them ideal for families with small children. They aim to please in the most gentle of ways. Their energy for activity is easily turned off in well trained dogs and can be brought back out with engaging tasks such as fetching, or hunting.



Because of their all-star reputation, many owners don’t even bother training their Labs. However, Labradors are highly intelligent and trainable, and they should be taught their canine manners. They are used regularly as hunting dogs, especially for waterfowl. Their excellent sense of smell and pressing obedience makes them a top choice for military and rescue missions.



Labradors were bred to be working dogs, which gives them their athletic build, trainability, and high amount of energy. Labradors love to run and play; they are the perfect dog if you are an active hiker, biker, or runner. It is important for a Lab to have 30-60 minutes of activity every day to keep them from boredom. Some people may think of Labs as somewhat hyperactive, and they certainly are as puppies, but most Labs will relax as they age—especially if they get as much exercise as they need.


Breeders still select for different traits in Labs, which is important to consider when you are adopting your pup. Some breeders focus on the classic look of the Lab (these Labs are bred for the show ring), while others breed Labs to be ideal working dogs. Some breeders try to select for both the looks and the utility of the Lab. Talk to your breeder about which traits are important to you.


With the sweet nature, athleticism, and trainability of a Labrador, how you could even wish for a better dog is beyond us!