What Is A Pointing Lab?

Labrador Retrievers, as gundogs, have traditionally been thought of as great flushers, driving game out of hiding, and retrievers, finding the downed game and returning it to the gundog’s owner. Recent developments in breeding and training, however, have brought out a third valuable trait in the Labrador, “pointing”. With this additional skill, the long-trusted Labrador retriever has taken on a new role and is turning heads in the hunting world.


The act of “pointing” involves tracking down upland game and keeping it contained until the hunter can arrive to finish the job. Some claim these new entrants on the scene merely “pause”, or point only through coincidence. However, breeders and trainers maintain that the Pointing Lab is emerging as a breed that adds the valuable skill of pointing to its long list of pre-existing desirable qualities.


In 1991, experts and enthusiasts formed the American Pointing Labrador Associationto identify and monitor the growing trend of Labradors as pointers. This ensures that the Pointing Lab is properly regulated and fully recognized as a useful addition to the full list of pointing breeds. Changing the nature of a dog effectively requires a careful balance of practice that is still being tweaked and perfected.


At Lankas Labs, we are proud to be involved with the raising of Pointing Labs and believe that this additional skill leads to the greatest hunting dog in the world. Labradors continue to prove themselves as ideal hunting partners in addition to their time-tested role of loving family dogs and as a man’s best friend.