Tips for Grooming a Labrador Retriever

If you have a Labrador retriever, it’s important to groom him or her often. Here a few tips for grooming a Labrador retriever.


Start with a head-to-toe massage, feeling for any unusual bumps on the skin. Look for any particular dry patches of hair, or places where your pet has experienced hair loss. In addition, pick up your dog’s feet and feel their footpads. The more you do this action, the more comfortable your dog will be when a vet does it to them down the line.


Another good idea during the initial “massage inspection” is to rub your Lab’s ears. After that, it’s time to brush his or her hair. Did you know brushing your dog’s hair stimulates natural oils in the skin, keeping the coat glistening? It’s also a good idea to let your dog play outside in fresh, moist air, which helps keep his or her skin moist. Just like with people, too much dry air is a bad thing for their skin.


Should you discover your Lab needs their eyes cleaned, clean them using a saline-doused cotton ball to get rid of minor irritations. If you notice a bad discharge from the eyes, get your Lab to the vet. Yellow Labs sometimes have “staining” around their eyes, this is perfectly normal.


For the ears, use a moist cotton swab to clean the dirt or wax out oyour dog’s ears.


To maintain teeth and oral hygiene, use a toothbrush designed for dogs, along with doggie toothpaste, to brush the outer surface of his or her teeth every so often. Good luck with that! Dry food works better to keep a dog’s teeth clean than wet food.


Long nails are not good. You can attempt to clip your Lab’s toenails best you can, or leave it to a professional.


Grooming your Labrador retriever will not only keep your companion looking great, they will also feel great!