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Canine Body Language: What is Your Dog Trying to Tell You?

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Most dog owners aren’t afraid to admit that they talk to their pups on a regular basis. After all, how else are you going to make sure they know how loved and adorable they are? Your dog may respond with a little yap or bark here and there, but when they’re truly trying to communicate… Read more »

How Certain Behaviors Can Stress Out Your Dog

Labrador Laying on the Floor at Home

Dogs can become stressed out for different reasons: perhaps they fear getting shots at the vet, they meet another dog that rubs them the wrong way, or they are nervous about being left alone. However, did you know that your personal behavior can also be a reason your dog is stressed out? Lankas Labs is… Read more »

Odd Eating Habit of Dogs Explained

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You probably spent quite a bit of time setting up an area of your home for your dog to eat. You likely have a matching food and water bowl for your pet as well as decorative a mat to prevent your dog from making a big mess. So why then do some dogs take the… Read more »