Labrador Retriever: The Most Popular Breed of Hunting Dog in America

Having experience with a variety of breeds of pointing and hunting dogs, I must say at Lankas Labs, we truly believe Labrador Retrievers and more specifically Pointing Labradors are the most versatile breed of hunting dogs. Not only are Pointing Labs excellent waterfowl dogs, they are also great family dogs.


In an article from Live Outdoors, Natalie Lyda wrote about “The 5 Most Popular Hunting Dog Breeds in America.” Her list of the top five hunting dogs includes:


Labrador Retriever
German Shorthaired Pointer
English Setter
English Springer Spaniel


Topping the list, not at all a surprise to me, is the Labrador Retriever! In fact, the Lab has been the most popular dog in the US many times, according to the American Kennel Club.


What helps the Lab excel as a hunting and pointing dog is their level of energy combined with their eagerness to please their owners, which is also why they tend to be easily trained.


So what else makes Labs the perfect hunting dog, you ask. Because they are often trained as bird dogs, “Labrador Retrievers have a soft mouth grip, allowing them to retrieve prey without causing damage. Aside from retrieval, Labs are often trained as trackers or pointers, proving their adaptability and willingness to learn.”


As a Pointing Labrador breeder, I have no qualms about going on and on about how amazing this breed is, but for the sake of my readers, I will hold off until next time.


For more information about why the German Shorthaired Pointer, English Setter, Coonhounds and English Springer Spaniel made the list, read the full article here.

Written by LankasLabs_Admin