Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About Dogs

Most commonly, people adopt  and buy dogs, including Labrador Retrievers, for their unconditional companionship. This lifelong bond is created from the purest form of love and adoration provided by one’s dog. In fact, according to the Humane Society of the United States , 78.2 million dogs are owned in the United States.


Owning a dog requires work and a lot of responsibility. How often have you done a little bit of extra research to further your knowledge and understanding of how dogs live? Here are a couple interesting facts about the most loved four-legged, furry friend:


Did you know that a dog’s sound detection is so much more precise than that of a human? Dogs can hear a sound as soft as a pin drop, but on the flip side, they are sensitive to really loud noises.


A dog’s wet nose plays a large role in detecting scent source. Because of a dog’s extremely heightened sense of smell, it’s no wonder law enforcement employs dogs.


For more interesting facts about dogs, check out the information provided in the infographic below.


Some Interesting Dog Facts

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