How Children Can Benefit from Having a Dog

Two little siblings petting a dog and sitting on grass in park

It seems like it is a rite of passage to beg your parents for a puppy in your youth. Parents often immediately jump to all the added chores and financial obligations of owning a pet, but did you know that growing up with a dog can benefit a child’s physical and psychological development?

Here are a few benefits children acquire from growing up with a furry best friend.

Increases Responsibility

Dogs have a lot of needs, no matter what breed you choose. They must be fed and given water daily, played with, and exercised. These are all tasks that even young kids can do alone or with an adult’s supervision. Many families make pet care a regular part of their kids’ daily chores, teaching them the importance of responsibility early on.

Enhances Self-Esteem

There’s no fear of rejection when it comes to a dog! A child’s relationship with their pet builds their belief in themselves. It helps hone their social and emotional skills in the midst of them growing up and finding their way in the world, a dog who’s always happy to see them can provide a much-needed self-esteem boost.

Encourages Regular Exercise

Pets offer several benefits to children, like high energy, which can help kids burn off extra energy through indoor and outdoor play. Having a pet can also encourage the child to exercise outside through activities such as walks and hikes. If you are an active family or enjoy the outdoors, you might want to consider a pet that fits into that lifestyle. Pets also can help sedentary kids get up and moving.

Alleviates Loneliness

Dogs often serve as built-in friends, except they never do anything that hurts your child’s feelings, nor do they exclude or ignore them! Having a pet can also alleviate loneliness, especially for kids who struggle to make friends or do not have many children in their neighborhood.

Dogs not only provide companionship and friendship, but they also can become confidantes for kids who feel like they have no one else to talk to. It is common for younger children to talk through things or share secrets with their pets. When they have a pet, they always have someone to talk to. 

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