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Wed, 16 Apr 2014 08:07:43 PDT
Sorry for any delays on replies to e-mails, face book, or phone calls. I was rushed to the ER Monday and have been told to be off my feet and rest as much as possible. Sorry

Fri, 11 Apr 2014 21:58:47 PDT
Hello Mike,

We purchased a male silver lab back in 2010. He was born Christmas day 2009. Just wanted to let you know he is the best dog I have owned hands down. He is great with people and children. Like you said on your Web site when he is hunting he gives 110% and when we are done and home he is a lap dog. Attached is a recent photo.

Thanks again
Doug Brancy
New Jersey

Thu, 10 Apr 2014 05:25:26 PDT
Grey Goose


Prices for 8 week old, dewclaws
removed, wormed, 1st series

Males $800  and Females  $800

Chocolate & Ivories
Males $800 and Females $800

Males  $1200 and Females  $1200

Fox Reds
Males  $1200 and Females $1200

Charcoals and Silvers
Males $1200 and Females $1200


LANKAS LABS requires a $200 deposit on all orders you can mail your checks to Lankas Labs 15259 Rd 19 Atwood, Ks 67730. It is refundable as long as we are notified prior to the whelping date, or if your color or sex is not available, or if over three months has passed without a litter being born. All purchases will be vet checked before they leave us. All purchases will be delivered or picked up with their A.K.C. papers, shot records, the Do and Don'ts of training a pointing lab, a collar, and a bag of their food (Black and Gold Puppy food...similar to Iams). Credit cards are accepted. 4% service charge will be applied At Lankas Labs, we are pleased to offer our customers a choice of gender and color when selecting their Labs. While some breeders may operate strictly as White Pointing Labrador Breeders or as Chocolate Pointing Labrador Breeders, Lankas Labs strives to offer the entire spectrum of the Lab’s beautifully-colored coats. Some of our most popular pups include:

- Black Pointing Labs
- Charcoal Pointing Labs
- Chocolate Pointing Labs
- Fox Red Pointing Labs
- Ivory Pointing Labs
- Silver Pointing Labs
- White Pointing Labs

Whether you are interested in White Labradors, Chocolate Labradors or some other color, all 8 week old Labs receive a worming, have their 1st series of shots, and have their dewclaws removed.


Prices generally range from $800 to $1200 per dog, depending on the dog’s color. For the latest pricing, gender and color availability, be sure to check back regularly for updated pricing information as well as pictures of our new puppies.

Deposit Requirements

If interested in purchasing a Lankas Lab, we welcome your business. Deposits for White Labradors For Sale are the same as those for Chocolate Labradors For Sale, or any other colored dog sold by us. At Lankas Labs, we require a $200 deposit per order. Checks can be mailed to the address below:

Lankas Labs
15259 Rd 19
Atwood, KS 67730
Deposits are refundable as long as one of the following conditions have been met:

A) We are notified prior to the whelping date,
B) If your chosen color or sex is not available,
C) Over three months have passed without a litter being born

What You Can Expect

All Labs purchased from Lankas Labs will be vet checked. Whether your Lab is delivered or picked up, new owners can expect to receive their dogs with their A.K.C. papers, the dog’s shot records, a copy of The Do’s and Don’t of Training a Pointing Lab, a collar, and a bag of the dog’s current food. At Lankas Labs, all of our puppies are fed Black and Gold Puppy Food, which is similar to Iams. It is recommended that a high-quality diet be fed to your Lab during his or her complete lifetime. Please see your vet as recommended for more information about the nutritional needs of Labs.

If wishing to pay by credit card, we gladly accept credit card payments. Please note there will be an additional 4% service charge if choosing to pay using this method.