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Noel you will be sorely missed. Your love for the hunt, but your compassion and loyalty for your family will be missed more than words can ever say. You never met anyone that you didn't like. It will be so quiet without your tail thumping against the wall from you just hearing someone walk into our home. Im so glad that last week you got to go to Tanner's preschool for show in tell, he was so excited. I know that this is for the best and now you can be free to run, look Uncle George up and you 2 can go hunt. RIP

Pointing Lab Puppies

Various Ages of Pups Pointing / Photos

9 wks with Style
Pup at 9 wks of age on point.

6 wks
6 wk old Charcoal

16 wks
16wks on point

10 wks on a HARD point

5 WK old Fox Red
5wk old Fox Red Male on point

cute labrador puppies

Wondering what some of our pups learn before coming to your home? Our Pointing Labs receive constant stimulation from the time they are born, helping them to develop their alertness for and awareness of their environment. To help you see what some of our puppies do at various stages of their development, we have included some pictures of the following pups actively participating in Lab Pointer Starter Training.

Not only will you be able to see our Pointing Labrador Puppies hard at work, but you will also be able to see their rich, vibrant-colored coats, allowing prospective owners to see all of the beautiful colors of Pointing Labradors Lankas Labs have to offer.

A Lab for All Seasons

When not busy with upland hunting or retrieving fowl, Pointing Labradors enjoy having fun year-round. In fall and winter, when hunts can be cold, the Lab is a hearty animal; easily trekking through snow-covered land. Should you be an avid waterfowl hunter, the fearless Lab can easily retrieve a bird from the water-logged bank or from shallow water. Labs are excellent retrievers as well as swimmers. With a properly trained Pointing Lab, hunts become more enjoyable, as you will have an experienced, trusted companion to assist you with all of your pointing and retrieving needs.

During the summer, Labs enjoy keeping up their pointing and retrieving skills. A social animal, the Lab enjoys spending time with humans and other dogs. If having a small outdoor pool, your Lab will enjoy cooling off and spending warm summer days with the family. Owners can also use the off-season to practice pointing and retrieving techniques, introduce new skills or scents, or enroll in a professional pre-season training program. At Lankas Labs, we proudly offer pre-season and seasonal training for all dog breeds and ages.

While your Lab may get plenty of exercise during the hunting season, be sure to continue this regimen year-round. Keeping a Lab at a recommended weight not only helps the dog perform better during the hunting season, but also prevents obesity-related health issues. Dogs need to have daily aerobic exercise and should be fed per vet recommendations. One of the best ways to make sure your Lab gets plenty of exercise is to allow it to socialize with your other dogs. The animals will run around and play together, ensuring all receive daily exercise, with the added benefit of canine socialization.